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The Other Side of the Tracks

They laughed at him;
the staggering old man
wearing the stench of life
struggling to drag his
overflowing suitcase
to the other side of the street.

He bellowed
a loud grunt of frustration
as he gave a hard jerk to
dislodge his suitcase
from the death grip
of the tracks.

As we crossed paths
I didn’t laugh,
make eye contact,
look up,
nor verbally acknowledge
his existence
out of fear it would expose
my own issues that
I drag like shackles.

But I did ponder…

“How does anyone ever move forward,
carrying so much of yesterday’s baggage?”



Thought #1
Sometimes we get so focused on following our ambition, so caught up on trying to get our piece of the pie, so busy trying to reach that dream place, and so dedicated to trying to accumulate all the spoils that are promised when you make it that we forget to bring happiness with us.

Thought #2
Happiness for me, is being able to enjoy the current moment as much as I fantasize about the possibilities and smile about the memories. Happiness for me, is right now.

We Drift

We drift

Lose focus
on what’s important
from the essence
of who we are
take the present
for granted
waste away life
on a time
that may never come to be

We drift

ourselves from the chase
of possessions
that don’t matter
that have nothing to do with happiness
lose focus
on what’s important
until one day
it hits us
one day
we lose something
so meaningful
it hurts down to our bones

We drift

Until the day
we find ourselves
on the verge of nothing
losing our grip on everything
and at that exact moment
we’re not hurt because of what we lost
we’re hurt because we are lost
hurt because we lost
the opportunity
to appreciate
what we had
took you for granted
when you were here
and instead of loving you
waited for you to wilt away
and built a shrine in your honor
cried rivers at your feet
you could hear our wails
or feel our tears,

but you had already drifted away

Left us beaten
in a puddle of guilt
broken by regret
drifting in the moonlight
on a white horse
what could have been
if we loved you then
the way we love you now

We drift