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No Tears

I’m going to love you while you live
pray for your loved one’s when you say goodbye
drop to my knees and thank God in Heaven for putting you my life,
but I won’t cry…
because there is no need for me to shed tears of sorrow while our love is still alive
no need for me to be consumed by sadness while our souls are still intertwined
no need for me to feel hopeless because God has called you to be by his side…
besides, our separation is only temporary
and I still have our love and the memories of happier times…
of course I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss you,
but don’t expect me to cry.



We Drift

We drift

Lose focus
on what’s important
from the essence
of who we are
take the present
for granted
waste away life
on a time
that may never come to be

We drift

ourselves from the chase
of possessions
that don’t matter
that have nothing to do with happiness
lose focus
on what’s important
until one day
it hits us
one day
we lose something
so meaningful
it hurts down to our bones

We drift

Until the day
we find ourselves
on the verge of nothing
losing our grip on everything
and at that exact moment
we’re not hurt because of what we lost
we’re hurt because we are lost
hurt because we lost
the opportunity
to appreciate
what we had
took you for granted
when you were here
and instead of loving you
waited for you to wilt away
and built a shrine in your honor
cried rivers at your feet
you could hear our wails
or feel our tears,

but you had already drifted away

Left us beaten
in a puddle of guilt
broken by regret
drifting in the moonlight
on a white horse
what could have been
if we loved you then
the way we love you now

We drift