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This Week


I am dedicating this week to positive empowerment. Your empowerment, my empowerment, our empowerment. Meaning, this week I am not going to spend any time talking about all that is wrong in the world, who’s holding us down, how we have been setup for failure. I will not give any attention to anyone who has done me wrong nor talk about what someone is missing because I am not in their life. I will not speak to you or anyone in a way that tries to steal your/their power. I will not not oppress you with my negativity nor the stories of how you will fail because I have failed.

This week I am dedicated to uplift and getting up. This week I will spend 100% of my time, community building, confidence building, encouraging you to keep moving forward, sharing love, lending a hand, and doing whatever I think is necessary for us to get to the next level.

Here is the reality; every second we spend thinking we can’t do it, worried about what’s in our way, or trying to prove someone wrong is a second that we’re not dedicating to our dream and/or our success. Let’s be love, let’s be light, let’s be a ray of hope in the darkness. Love…. ~ Sean King


Be Something, Be Somebody

All that shucking and jiving
All that cooning and bullshitting
All that talk about bitches, hoes, niggas, blunts, and blazing
All that intelligence and talent that you’re throwing away
in an attempt to hide from who you really are
You ain’t fooling me, you’re scared
Scared to be the King or Queen you were called here to be
Scared of your destiny
Scared of failing and falling short
So you short circuit your opportunities,
Give yourself excuses for falling short,
Give yourself an easy out, and
Hide from your soul

Well you know what?
It’s time to cut that shit out and stand up
The time for shenanigans is over
Get yo’ punk ass up and do something,
be something,
be the you who God sent you to be.




Superheroes are everyday people using the talent God gave them to make the world a better place.