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How could I look at all the beauty God has blessed me with and still have the audacity to think that something is wrong with my life? I can’t.

That’s the thing with people that enjoy privilege. We have the nerve to feel sorry for ourselves and to ignore our good health, healthy kids, loving family, supportive friends, transportation, job, medical and dental insurance, the roof over our heads, God, and even the fact that we woke up and have been given another opportunity to do something amazing with our lives.

Let me just say, I’m thankful I grew up how and where I grew up. Thankful I grew up around people doing good and doing bad. Thankful I’ve been exposed to life and death, that I’ve been able to see people clawing and fighting for their piece of happiness and to be around people who’ve been given the world on a platter and still find things to complain about. I’m thankful because I understand just how preposterous it would be for me to wake up and complain about my life as I stand in the light of all that I have been blessed with.

Sometimes we just need to change the way we see things, not the things that we see.

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