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Saturday Morning Thoughts

Either you are..or you're not

Either you are..or you’re not

When someone ask you,
Who are you?
What will be the first words out of your mouth?
my name is …
I work at …
I’m a manager at …
I’m a lawyer,
a doctor,
a teacher,
I run a …
I do …
I’m a …
I am

When you ask yourself,
Who am I?”
What are the first words that come to your mind?
black man
gay woman
work in progress
I’m a …
I am

When someone ask you
How would you describe yourself?
What will you say?
I’m tall
I’m short
I’m dark
I’m light
I have long hair
I’m skinny
I’m Cuban
I’m Indian
I’m West African
I’m American
I’m a poet
I’m a …
I am

When your time is over,
What will they say about you?
How will you be remembered?
What will your legacy be?
What mark will you leave?
What will be your story?

When your creator ask you,
What are you doing with the life I gave you?

Do you think you’ll still be able to hide behind your labels?

Do you think you’ll still be able to speak about your surface
…gay woman
…long hair
…dark skin

Do you think you’ll still be able to hide,
…from who you are?
…from what you were called to do?
…from what you were sent to be?
Do you think your words will matter,

Who are you?
What is your purpose?
Why are you here?

I Am…

Sunday Reflection on Love

What is money? What is a degree? What is a good job? What is a successful career? What is a house or a car to someone that hasn’t learned to love themselves? Nothing. Nothing more than masks to hide the insecurity and ugliness that they keep hidden inside themselves.

I see them everywhere, damaged beings masquerading among us trying to hide their souls from us. Throwing their perceived successes in our faces as if we are blind and can’t see their self contempt and hate seeping through their pores… but I see them…

The should be Queen turned promiscuous slut who doesn’t understand her role in the cycle of life or God’s plan for our tomorrow. Instead of building brighter days she looks up in an alcoholic stupor from her backside. When will you learn to love yourself like the Queen you were created to be?

The could be King who mistakenly believes his power is his sexual prowess. A nomad creating broken bastard children all across the land. A magician, there for the magic show but nowhere to be seen when it’s time to do the real work of teaching our boys to become men. A clown, hiding behind your career, your money, your guns, and your sexual conquest. When will you learn to love yourself like the King you were created to be?

I see you, your family sees you, your friends see you, God sees you…. and we all love you… but none of that can save you from that hate and contempt you carry around for yourself. None of that can make you whole until you do the most important thing you can do for yourself. Learn to love yourself and then act accordingly.

Brighter tomorrows start with self love.


Work in Progress

When all is said and done,
I can only hope that my light outshines my darkness
that my heart is more revered and respected than my poetry
that the stage and the mic didn’t impede my ability to speak to your soul
that my words were delivered at just the right time to save you
that my humility was greater than my arrogance
that my humanity was greater than my selfishness
that my willingness to give was greater than my greed
that my actions showed you how to see love even in the darkest moments
that I was able to demonstrate to you just how worthless self pity is and how powerful you are,
and that my truth was actually truthful…

When all is said and done,
I can only hope that my three boys know that success to me
is being there for them as a father
is being the husband my wife deserves
is being the friend that supports my friends dreams
and fights by their side when they’re fighting against the devil
and his hell…

When all is said and done,
I can only hope that I became everything God intended me to be
when he created me in his image…