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Dr. King the Revolutionary


Kill the man. Sanitize the cause. Make him an American hero. Give the people a holiday. Let the people have their sanctioned marches and rhetorical speeches on his dream… But whatever you do, never let it be known that King was killed, not for his stance on race but for his position on war. For his desire to see equity across humanity. For his work to build coalitions with other non-black groups who stood for the same things he stood for. For his push to ensure every citizen in this rich nation had guaranteed income levels so they too could compete for this dream of ours.

Dr. King was not just a Civil Rights leader who wanted little black boys and little white girls to be able to hold hands without fear of persecution. Dr. King was a revolutionary that questioned America at its very core.

I too celebrate the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The problem is, I’m not sure we’re talking about the same King or the same dream. We’ve made progress, but we’re no where near where we need to be; meaning we still have work to do. ~ Sean King


False Perceptions of Playing God

Acts of aggression and retaliation. The origin of war between men is as clear as the chicken and the egg. No one truly knows which came first, and at this point we are in too deep to find the escape. The one thing I do know for certain, man, whether he is acting on behalf of his country or his God, is not capable of bringing anyone to justice. Administering Justice is above our pay scale.

One Month Later (A Freewrite on June 1, 2011)

I wanted to celebrate
when I heard the news
of the bullet that would free
the world from the grip of terror

I wanted to dance
jubilantly in the streets
when I learned
justice had been served
in the same cold blooded
fashion as hijacked airplanes
dropping towers to
ground zero

I wanted to slap high fives
in Internet Cafe’s
over tasteless jokes
while drinking Frappuccinos
and poking hot chicks on Facebook
when I heard his ashes
had been buried at sea;
officially ending any possibility
of Sharia law in the States

I wanted to believe
the end of this chapter
would magically make
the world a better place
and the trillions of dollars spent
was worth it
and the families torn apart
by war would breathe easier
knowing the
mission had been completed

I wanted to smile ear to ear
when I heard the news
but I couldn’t
because I knew our schools
were failing our children
and poverty was spreading
like a forest fire
and the homeless
were running out of bridges
to place their boxes under
and there aren’t enough
shopping carts for
all of the people who lost
their homes to carry
their personal belongings

I wanted to put on a white glove
and moonwalk to the other side of the tracks
before hitting the sweetest
1,080 degree spin since Billy Jean
but I couldn’t
because I knew in the morning
25 million people
would wake up jobless
while Wall Street goes on fancy retreats
with the interest from our over sized debt
and our depleted savings

I wanted to jump up and down
like a kid opening gifts
on Christmas
until I became exhausted from elation
but I couldn’t
because I know our soldiers will
return home to inadequate support
mentally and physically
unable to transition back
into the “normal life”
after living the nightmare of
being strapped and looking
over their shoulders
wondering if this would
be their day to become heroes

I wanted to shout
at the top of my lungs in Joy!!!
but I couldn’t
because I knew
some little girl
from the neighborhood
some little girl would be kidnapped
and turned into a sex slave
and trafficked right here
right here
in the land of the free
and there won’t be money for any soldiers
to search our American caves
our American ghettos
to find our lost American Princesses
because we gave it all to Wall Street
and spent the rest on finding WMDs
umm, fighting terrorism
umm, searching through caves
for oil
umm, for Osama
in the Middle East

I want to sit back and grin
the biggest grin of all time
but I can’t
because I know tomorrow
will feel a lot like today..
Even though they did kill Osama
one month ago today..