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I know people
in distant lands that I’ve never been,

that I’ve never met in person
who speak languages that I don’t understand,

that are guided by religions that I’m unfamiliar with
and customs that are foreign to me,

but when I look beyond the veil of our differences
I can’t help but notice
their souls,
our souls are one and the same

…and when you get right down to it,
that’s enough for me to love them
as I would my own family

We are Human
For that I am thankful.

What You Need

If you want to change the world you need
Passion to overcome the inertia of what is
Love to maintain the passion long enough to make it what it should be
Faith to overcome the doubt that sets in when the change is taking longer than expected
Courage to face the dark road of the unknown
Humility to keep your incremental success in perspective
and God; because without him none of those other characteristics mean anything anyway

Real Beauty

Physically, you maybe as ugly as a baboon’s ass… but who cares.. Real beauty is all about who you are and how you use the gifts God has blessed you with to make the world a better place. There’s a lot of ugly people that look good at a glance.