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Can’t Blame Her, Don’t Blame Me

I opened the door,
she stopped
clinched her belongings
while getting in her
defensive stance
like she was going to
have to fight me off.
Can’t blame her,
they don’t meet too many like me anymore

I said,
“Hello. Good Evening.”
She shifted her head down
like she was throwing her body
into another gear,
you could hear the rhythm
of her toes pressing down
and her heels picking up
as she race walked past me
no eye contact
no response.
Can’t blame her,
they don’t meet too many like me anymore

I asked,
“Is this seat taken?”
she flashed her engagement ring
from a ceremony
that never happened with
a boyfriend
she had left so long ago
he was barely a distant memory.

She responded
“I’m married.”

Not that I asked,
all I really wanted to do was
rest my feet.
Can’t blame her,
you have to be careful who you trust
there are a lot of unsavory characters
out there,
and besides
they don’t meet too many like me anymore

We just met
natural connections
based on deep dialogue
and reflections
on life
and what it means
to live in this world

Time flew
to the cha-ching of
light libations
fantastic conversation
kicked over a light melody
under the hypnotizing glow
of the moon

I offered to walk her to her car,
she paused
before grabbing her bags
looking me in the eyes
and saying
“I’m parked just up the street, I’ll be fine”
as she proceeded to walk away

Carrying with her
fear caused by a lifetime of history
with games, and
people trying to take advantage, and
men with ulterior motives
hidden desires
aggressive tendencies, and

Can’t blame her
for wanting to take her chances
with the unseen monsters
of the dark alleys
rather than letting me into her space

I looked like the baggage she was carrying, and
even though the dark alleys had their danger
they weren’t as dangerous as the horrors she
had already come to know

They don’t meet too many like me anymore

I only saw her once more,
in the morning paper
a story of a lady
who never made it to her car

I vaguely remembered her name
but the eyes I saw in the photo
were unmistakable,
they were the eyes of the lady
I had met the night before
the sister I let walk to her car alone
my sister

Now I carry her memories like
gorillas on my back
those eyes,
her eyes
staring into my tortured soul
my emptiness

So don’t blame me
for holding the door open
or speaking
or conversing
or being real
or treating you like a lady
or offering to walk you to your car
or worrying about you

Just know that we all have baggage
and LOVE,
is a lighter load to carry
than the burden of what if
or what I should have done.

In the Beginning

In the beginning
we danced
under the star filled sky
into the wee hours
of the night.

In the beginning
softly rustled to the
magical motion
of our bare feet.

In the beginning
there was intense heat
generated by
the harmonic oscillation
of our bodies
gyrating up,
and down
to the universal pulse
of sinusoidal waves.

In the beginning
God’s whisper
quietly whistled
through the trees
like a flute
hypnotizing the moon to the
beautiful rhythm of the
Owls’ Hooo.

In the beginning
we were
suspended in time,
cocooned by a
foggy silhouette of
steamy perspiration
in the garden
of Love.

In the beginning
there was just you and me,
and life was good.

Work in Progress

When all is said and done,
I can only hope that my light outshines my darkness
that my heart is more revered and respected than my poetry
that the stage and the mic didn’t impede my ability to speak to your soul
that my words were delivered at just the right time to save you
that my humility was greater than my arrogance
that my humanity was greater than my selfishness
that my willingness to give was greater than my greed
that my actions showed you how to see love even in the darkest moments
that I was able to demonstrate to you just how worthless self pity is and how powerful you are,
and that my truth was actually truthful…

When all is said and done,
I can only hope that my three boys know that success to me
is being there for them as a father
is being the husband my wife deserves
is being the friend that supports my friends dreams
and fights by their side when they’re fighting against the devil
and his hell…

When all is said and done,
I can only hope that I became everything God intended me to be
when he created me in his image…