Happy International Women’s Day



To my mother (RIP), who birthed me, raised me, taught me how to thrive in a world trying to cripple me, and who loved me tough but unconditionally; I know that you are watching over me even today. There are no words I could ever write that could do justice to who you are and what you mean to me. Happy International Women’s Day. I Love You.

To my Grandma Smith (RIP), who was there during my early childhood years, teaching, listening, walking, nurturing, and helping to lay the foundation for my current happiness before leaving this world, first mentally (Alzheimers) and then physically. Happy International Women’s Day. I Love You.

To my Grandma Lindsey (RIP), the first poet I ever knew and the most influential figure in my willingness to share my truth through poetry, prose, verbal communication, and in action. You were the one who told me “those people aren’t going to like what you have to say, but to keep saying it because it’s the truth”. I always remembered those words as people encouraged me to tone it down. Because you believed in my writing, it never mattered to me whether anyone else did. Happy International Women’s Day. I Love You.

To my Wife, Tasha King, you are the bridge that allowed me move past anger and into the realm of love. You are the first person that made me look beyond the hypocrisy of the people of the church and encouraged me to walk the Christian path without the constant condemnation and threats of hell. You are the completion of my soul, the perfect compliment to my being, the rib removed from my side and given to me as an eternal companion. You are the angel that God sent to ensure my happiness. Happy International Women’s Day. I Love You.

To every beautiful woman that I’ve ever crossed paths with. Crushes that helped me avoid alcoholic vices. Soldiers who stood by my side plotting revolution. Confidants and sisters that I could turn to in desperate times. Unselfish women who pushed me to become a better man. Patient women who challenged me to work through my prejudices and ignorance as they helped me expand my view on everything I thought I knew. Sheroes, who taught me there are no limits, no boxes, no challenges capable of stopping me from getting to that place God has chosen for me. To my friends, sisters, aunts, great-grandmothers, mother-in-laws, step-mothers, cousins, co-workers, ancestors, and every woman that has every influenced me, I thank you for everything. Happy International Women’s Day. I Love You.

To each of you, I could pour out my soul every single day and still feel like I’ve done you an injustice. Who you are and what you mean to me goes far beyond words, but I use them in hopes that future generations will come to appreciate you as much as I have. Every single one of you has made my life richer and more fulfilled. Adam gave you a rib, but I owe everything to you. Happy International Women’s Day. I Love You.

Be blessed and have a beautiful day.


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. incedible . . .amazing . . . loved it . .

  2. Respect from women world wide.
    True, we were made from God to help man but without the acknowledgement of our duty, we perish and vis versa.
    This post is amazing Sean. So much Love

    • Thank you for the kind words. From California to Australia 🙂 I have met many amazing women who deserve to be celebrated like the Queens they are. Just trying to do my part.

  3. “Crushes that helped me avoid alcoholic vices.”
    ^ That part was very cool.

    You give my gender justice. 🙂

    • Thank you Iris, you are such a beautiful person and are truly appreciated. Your gender gave me life, showed me love, and taught me humanity. I am forever indebted.

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