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Still Standing

If you were standing here where I’m standing
looking at the blessings I see
after being through what we’ve been through
seeing what we’ve seen
hearing what we’ve heard

If you were standing where I’m standing
after overcoming the struggles we’ve overcome
enduring the losses we’ve had to endure
listening to the endless chatter of
how we’d always be a non-factor
failures in the making
hopelessly fall short of our goals
would never amount to shit
never be shit
never do anything with our lives

If you were standing here where I’m standing
after the numerous attempts
to take our livelihood
to kill our will
to enslave our soul
to beat our spirit
to smother our hopes
to murder our dreams

would feel every bit
as happy
as thankful
as grateful
as blessed
as I do
at this very moment

They tried to kill our will
and smother our hope
and instead of extinguishing our spirit
they ended up creating an unstoppable forest fire
a violent volcanic eruption
a massive wave of desire
that could not be turned away
by their shackles and chains
by their slave codes
by their Jim Crow
by their separate but equal
by their racism
by their prison industrial complex
by their systematic attempts to
block our tomorrows with their institutional Levies

If you were standing here where I’m standing
you would be smiling too,
because if they hadn’t done what they had done
we would have never discovered how powerful we are

We are
The Dream That Could Not Be Deferred


Everyday is a Day to be Thankful

I am thankful
for your smile
for your laughter
for your friendship
for your prayers
for your compassion
for your unselfishness
for you being there
when you were needed

I am thankful
for your patience
for your help in
guiding me through
the dark times
for your light
showing me the way
back to God
every time I strayed
off course

I am thankful
for yesterday’s memories
for tomorrow’s triumphs
for the opportunity
unfolding right now
for every angel
God has disguised
as my family
as my friends
as random characters
that pop up in my life
at just the right time

I am thankful
for God’s infinite love
and right on time blessings

I am thankful
For You!

A Beautiful Life

My life is so beautiful I can no longer tell the difference between dreams and reality…. I am supremely blessed.