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Step Back, Reflect

So many truths and opportunities for growth get missed because we are too busy defending our position or being offended by what’s being said.

Not all critical feedback is an attack on your character, beliefs, family, or your religion.

Sometimes we need to move out of our “everything is about me” mindset and reflect on what’s being offered, even when it hurts our feelings to do so.

Midnight Reflections

After spending the last 15 years observing the steadfast love of my wife’s grandparents, there’s no way you can convince me that the things we chase today:

  • Degrees
  • Fancy cars
  • Good jobs
  • Plush houses and
  • Prestige

will ever produce a greater reward than two humble people living modestly within their means, rooted in God, and completely dedicated to one another.

You can keep your American dream and your Apple Pie, I’m trying to build my future on the pillars of old school love.

Tools of my Soul

I would be lying if I said
I was working to improve my art
I am not an artist

What is true
I am working to improve humanity
I am human

Much like a man uses a hammer and nails
To build a home for his family
My soul uses words
To build a future for humanity

Words are the tools
Of my soul
Is what I’m building