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What Color is Love?

Jesus is whatever color you need him to be to understand you are beautiful to your core, to be empathetic towards all humans, to serve others freely, to be diligent in the pursuit of your purpose, and be willing to sacrifice for others even if it cost you the earthly temple that houses your soul. You ask what color was Jesus? I ask what color is love? — Sean King



Everyday is Christmas

Since no one knows the exact date Jesus was born and we don’t know how long it will be until he returns; the only appropriate course of action is to live our lives like it’s Christmas every single day…Yes, I mean smiling, caring, sacrificing, kind, giving, enjoying, cherishing, and most importantly thankful for the life God has blessed us with.

Where to Point the Finger

Contrary to what some believe, the biggest threat to “you” achieving “your” dreams is not the haters or non-believers, but “you”. You and your lack of willingness to sacrifice the “gotta have it nows”, lack of patience when working towards the big picture, and lack of faith to overcome those bumps in the road on your way to your dreams. To sum it up in plain English, quit blaming everyone else for your failures and take some responsibility for your life.