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Slam Poet

He stepped to the stage
Stood motionless;
Visibly uncomfortable under the bright lights
Feeling the heat from the hundreds of watchful eyes
Surveying his naked soul
Watching his every movement
The room overflowed with anxious energy
As they waited for him to start
He took two steps back
One long, deliberate deep breath
Paused; and then went in

Flawless enunciation
Fast paced cadence
Haunting words hurled at the audience
Like scavengers gnawing,
Pecking dead meat off his soulless skeleton
You could see his skin slowly peeling away
With each word that was gobbled
Consumed by their insatiable thirst for more


Gut wrenching stories of
Excreting blood
After being painfully penetrated
By blood related penises


Harrowing stories
Of being the son of a crack addict mama
Who used her lips to suck
Opened her legs to fuck
For money to feed her addiction
She never thought about feeding him;
Crack addicts don’t think


A painful grimace
As he took us down memory lane
To that dark night where the errant bullets
Singing from the dark sedan
Left his brother in his arms


Spit flying from his mouth
Arms flailing
You could feel the handcuffs get tighter
You could feel the baton smash into his back
Smash across his shoulders
Just before his body convulsed
As the pigs sent shockwaves
Through his nervous system


2 minutes, 30 seconds
Hurling haunting words of ghetto hopelessness
Broken poverty
Police brutality
Drive-by get low moments
Where he was uncertain if he would live
He wasn’t certain if he wanted to live
Cursing at his self;
“Why do I keep getting up when I don’t even want to live”
Why does he want to live?


2 minutes, 50 seconds
He looked at the audience
…put his hands on his head…
…cried… the coach always told him to cry…
…bowed his head as he took a knee…
“Please God, Can I Live”


The crowd erupted
Spontaneous applause
Standing ovation
Stumping their feet
Screaming in amazement
As the cards turned around one by one


No calculation necessary
No need to deliberate
Crown him
Call him the greatest
Thank him for entertaining you
With those beautiful stories of despair
Crowd his space to tell him
How great his poetry is
How great he is
Snapchat him
Tag him on IG
DM him to ask him if he will perform
At your upcoming showcase
Promote him
Do everything
Do everything
Do every single thing except ask him
If he is okay


Long after the crowds have dispersed
The bright lights of the stage have gone down
The people have stopped crowding his space
Their gaze is no longer upon him

He stands alone
Feeling like a zero
…and still asking the question…
“Why do I keep getting up when I don’t even want to live?”


They loved his words
They loved his delivery
They loved his performance


He gave it all to the judges
To the crowd, and
Forgot to keep any for his own healing


They never asked if he was okay?


The empty soul of a slam champion
Who healed souls
While dying a little bit with each word he spit



Goodbye (A Freewrite)


Life is too precious
and time is too short
to allow even a second of it
to be wasted on sad thoughts, and…
if I’m the source of your sadness
I would find happiness
in exiting your life, and…
leaving your memory
free from me
don’t get me wrong
by your side,
there is no place I would rather be, but…
I need you to be happy, and…
I’ll remove myself from the Universe
if that’s the only way your happiness can be
you see,
if you can’t smile
then I can’t breathe
I don’t want to go
but I have to leave
I love you more than life
but I can’t stand to see
you put on another sad face
on account of me…

Goodbye my love
I pray this goodbye
sets you free…

The Choice is Yours


When I was younger, I had some friends that always seemed to be happy no matter what was going on around them, and to be honest, I thought they were either being fake or very fortunate to never have bad things happen.

I also had friends that no matter what was going on around them always seemed to be down with a permanent frown. I always believed they were over dramatic and wondered how life could ALWAYS be as bad as they made it out to be?

After much observation and many days (sometimes years) of trying to dissect my friends (Lol), I realized that my happy friends were dealing with the same kind of issues as my unhappy ones.  The difference being, they made a CHOICE to take it all in stride and to radiate happiness regardless of circumstance.

My melancholy friends on the other hand, always seemed as if they sought sadness.   As if there was no one or nothing in this world that could cheer them up.  Over time, I would learn that they too made a CHOICE to allow their circumstance to ruin their days and nights.

Now that I’m older, I realize that I must come across as that happy person that people think is happy because I live a privileged life.  A life in which everything is perfect. Hopefully, the people who believe that will understand, as I came to understand, that HAPPINESS IS SOMETHING WE CHOOSE to be, or not to be.

Own your life
Choose your happiness
Radiate your love
Embrace your destiny,
This is the power God gave to us. ~ Sean King