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What Are You Going To Do Today?

Dem King Boyz


Today I’m going to sing like I’m in concert, and it don’t matter who’s listening. Today I’m going to dance like I’m on the set of the Thriller video, and it don’t matter who’s watching. Today I’m going to smile like I’m advertising toothpaste, and it don’t matter if I’m the only one smiling. Today I’m going to look you in the eyes and say hello, and it don’t matter if you greet me back. Today I’m going to speak broken English, and it don’t matter if you have a problem with it. Today I’m going to be happy for no damn reason other than the fact that life is beautiful, and it don’t matter if you get irritated with me.

Today I’m going to do some un-American things, like give thanks to God instead of my country, read the Qur’an and the Bible, turn off the TV and embrace life, be kind without ulterior motives, write an unstructured poem, converse with a homeless man or a woman without judgment, walk fearlessly with my head high and my heart on my sleeve, and be thankful for a freedom that came from God and not through drone missiles or military force. Today I’m going to say In God We Trust and Mean It.

Today I’m going to tell the world that you can’t be free if you live in fear of our children, of the terrorists, of the big black man, of my long bearded turban wearing Arab brother, of the white supremacist, of the Mexican mafia, of poverty, of not having a bunch of consumer goods we don’t need, of failure, or of being alone… If it is, it’s because God wants it to be.

Today I’m going to love you, even if you don’t love me, even if you don’t love yourself, even if you don’t understand what love is, even if you don’t want to be loved… Today I’m going to love you without expectations of reciprocity or the condition that you need to earn my love. Today I’m going to give my love for free because I’m free.

What are you going to do today?


Smile, Laugh, and Love

Smile every chance you get, be sure to laugh often, don’t let happiness get away from you even for one second, always keep your head up high, and no matter what, grab ahold of love and don’t let go. ~ Sean King


The Choice is Yours


When I was younger, I had some friends that always seemed to be happy no matter what was going on around them, and to be honest, I thought they were either being fake or very fortunate to never have bad things happen.

I also had friends that no matter what was going on around them always seemed to be down with a permanent frown. I always believed they were over dramatic and wondered how life could ALWAYS be as bad as they made it out to be?

After much observation and many days (sometimes years) of trying to dissect my friends (Lol), I realized that my happy friends were dealing with the same kind of issues as my unhappy ones.  The difference being, they made a CHOICE to take it all in stride and to radiate happiness regardless of circumstance.

My melancholy friends on the other hand, always seemed as if they sought sadness.   As if there was no one or nothing in this world that could cheer them up.  Over time, I would learn that they too made a CHOICE to allow their circumstance to ruin their days and nights.

Now that I’m older, I realize that I must come across as that happy person that people think is happy because I live a privileged life.  A life in which everything is perfect. Hopefully, the people who believe that will understand, as I came to understand, that HAPPINESS IS SOMETHING WE CHOOSE to be, or not to be.

Own your life
Choose your happiness
Radiate your love
Embrace your destiny,
This is the power God gave to us. ~ Sean King